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Soft Surf School

Thoughtful Surf Coaching

Surfing is a lifestyle sport that can, from the moment you first catch a wave and stand up, change your life forever. What usually stops this feeling from taking root and turning you into a surf stoked grommet (happy surfer) , is a series of unfortunate accidents that scare you off forever. These incidents are almost always avoidable and at Soft Surf we will give you all the tools you need to have the time of your life, just as we do, everyday.

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Never surfed before? this is for you!

So you know nothing about how to surf? Or maybe you do, but it never quite worked out before. With the right coaching tools and techniques, we will give you the best introduction possible to the wonderful sport of surfing. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging environment where we can have fun together while you learn a new, amazing skill! Private or group lessons are available.

You know how to surf already. This is how you improve!

So you can already catch and ride your own waves, but you want to take your surfing to the next level? This is your chance to fix any issues you have with your surfing, learn new skills and maneuvers, and generally become more confident and in control in the surf. Our patience and one on one attention makes all the difference.

You and a group of friends want to try surfing? Share the stoke and do it together!

This is a really fun option to learn to surf or improve with your family or friends. Limited to 4 per lesson and completely private, this is a great way to have an incredible shared surfing experience and keep it easy on your pocket! 

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