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3 Benefits of Learning to Surf in Cold Water

If you're a non-surfing holidaymaker and you're thinking about surfing for the first time you'd be forgiven for thinking boardshorts and bikinis, coconut palms, and warm tropical turquoise blue waters are the only way to go. Here I'm going to highlight some of the benefits of embracing the cold and the rubber that makes it all possible.

  1. Crowds: Probably the best reason to avoid the packed warm water beginner beaches of Bali, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and the like. Generally cold water locations such as Muizenberg in Cape Town, have far fewer surf tourists and as a result much more inviting empty lineups to learn in. With few other beginners to worry about, you'll have fewer boards to dodge and more space to focus on your own fun in the water allowing you to progress faster and in a safer environment.

  2. Wetsuits: These neoprene miracles are the reason most of us surf in cold water at all! Making it possible to surf in places as harsh and cold as Norway and making somewhere like Muizenberg feel like you're in the tropics. Rashes and chafes are super common and annoying when learning to surf in boardshorts or bikinis and when you put on a well-cared-for fitting wetsuit generally there is little to no rubbing and as a result a very comfortable surf experience. Not to mention how secure a wetsuit is compared with most swimwear, so no nip-slips or losing your pants after a big wipeout! Wetsuits also make you a lot more buoyant in the water making it easier to float to the surface and in an emergency easier to be rescued.

  3. More post-surf stoke: Cold water therapy has become quite the trend in the past few years with everyone doing ice baths and cold plunges to reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, boost mood, and improve circulation. Surfing in cold water definitely is a mild way of adding these benefits to your surfing. The feeling of stoke you get after a surf session is without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world and the cold water only adds to this feeling and makes you feel even more alive!

So if you're planning a surfing holiday or even just want something to add to your trip to Cape Town, surfing cold water waves in Muizenberg is definitely an experience worth having!

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